March 30, 2010

Ice Fishing in the Arctic

A new group of people began their expedition with Joe on Sunday.  This is Louise Dumayne’s second trip with us.  She has traveled from the UK to enjoy a 12-day expedition.  Germán Obando is joining us for the first time from Colombia.  He spent the winter in Minnesota, so he’s no stranger to the cold.

Louise has traveled all over the world on ski and dog sledding trips, and she says she’s never seen scenery that compares their location in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR).  While in Minnesota, Germán worked with some dog teams, but was taken aback by the size of our malamutes, their large feet and robust bone structure.  He was impressed with their power and stamina and how much the dogs love to pull a heavy load.

They’re having a great time, enjoying the phenomenal scenery and nice weather.  When I spoke with Joe at 8:30 this morning it was 0 degrees but there was a fairly strong breeze.  With any luck it’ll get up to about 15 degrees.  At least the sun is shining.  Any day in Alaska with sunshine is a good day.  :) 

On the last trip with Bill and Angus, Joe and the guys were able to enjoy some ice fishing.

Angus with ice auger

Angus and lake trout


They caught a few nice lake trout and Joe plans to take Louise and Germán there to try it out again.


The conditions on Bill and Angus’ expedition were quite a bit colder.  Check out those frosty faces!

Part of the thrill of our expedition season is that we get to meet such great people from all over the world!  Thanks to all our clients for being so awesome!  :)


  • Emma Rose and The Duchess

    It is amazing to me that Joe doesn’t get lost out there!
    Hope you and all the pups are holding up ok and keeping warm!

  • Ina Offret

    Great pictures! It is always fun to learn abouit new adventures that are available to enjoy!!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog today! Southside Bistro has really delicious food, we go there all the time. It is also near our house so it is very convenient. Also the Bradley House which is on the Old Seward by O’Malley.

  • Kit

    Frosty, yet happy faces!