March 1, 2010

From the UK to AK

On Sunday I had the chance to meet up with Joe's first expedition clients for the season.  Angus Mill and Bill Ford traveled all the way from the UK to join Joe and the team for a 22-day expedition in the Brooks Range and Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.  This is Angus' third consecutive expedition with us and this is Bill's first go at it.  They are seeking challenge and adventure and they've come to the right place! :)

Angus and Bill came out to the house to meet all the dogs that stayed home with me. 


Melvin was overjoyed to have a new audience to show off for!  :) 


They met Oskar, Grace, Red, Bunny, Mia, Birdie, Ginger, Johnny, Angel, Maggie, Charlie, and Hooch.


Angus got to reunite with his old pal, Hooch.  They reminisced about how Angus would harness Hooch each day before they traveled the arctic together.


The puppies were drawn to Bill.  They're not too young and naive to know a dog lover when they see one, and they took advantage (as did Melvin).  ;)


Angus got a taste of what it's like trying to photograph these bouncy little critters.  Modern technology can hardly keep up with these whippersnappers!  ;)


Junior was all about the hugs!!  Awww…


After our doggie visit, the guys tried on all their arctic gear, like mukluks, parkas, and coveralls.  Then we went out for pizza and drinks at Two Rivers Lodge.

IMG_6388I hope these guys have an excellent expedition!  I'm looking forward to hearing about their experiences in the arctic. 

Bon Voyage!  :)