Photo by Angus MillDerived from a lifelong passion to explore the Arctic by dogteam Joe Henderson and his team of malamutes has taken dogmushing and Arctic exploration to a new lever and has accomplished what was said by many to be impossible. Joe is a pioneer in dog sledding in the sense that he has perfected a method of travel that is unprecedented in modern times. Never in recorded history has anyone traveled solo for up to 4-5 months at a time without resupply or even so much as seeing another human being. Joe attributes his success to his Alaskan malamutes which in his words "are the toughest minded and intelligent dogs on earth". And he also attributes his ability to travel and break new trail in 3-4 ft deep snow in the so-called "inaccessible" and rugged mountain regions of Alaska’s Arctic to his innovative training methods, gear, and a new sled dog hitch system which is gaining popularity among racers and recreational mushers.

"Innovation is born through passion, creativity and a disregard to society’s preconceived ideas of limits and defeat."
-Joe Henderson-

"A dog’s iron will and a person’s spirit combined is a formidable force. They become one team, one being, one cohesive unit working together to overcome what was believed to be impossible." -Joe Henderson-

Alaskan Arctic expeditions began 28 years ago in the small village of Wiseman Alaska, population 25 people. To quote Joe, "Our malamutes were used as the primary source of transportation in winter and were comprised mostly of dogs that were unwanted by other mushers because of various reasons including, too big and slow, or viciously mean but nonetheless they became part of our family and team." Eventually Joe’s well trained team and his training skills caught the attention of movie scouts who were searching for dogs to be featured in the 1990 Walt Disney movie White Fang. Joe worked on the movie for three months as an actor double, dog trainer, stunt double, and sled dog coordinator but it didn’t take long after the movie for Joe to lose interest in the Hollywood spotlight and return to his true passion-exploring the Arctic by dogteam.

Since then, he has established one of the most resilient, hard-core malamute dog sledding teams in modern times. He shares a special bond with his team and each dog. But Joe still attributes %100 of his success to his dogs. To quote Joe, "All the dogs are part of our family."

"Ordinary dogs have accomplished extraordinary things because they didn’t know they couldn’t" -Joe Henderson-

Joe’s mission is to share his 32 years of knowledge and experience of the Arctic and help people to understand one of the most ancient and misunderstood dog breed on earth- the Alaskan malamute.

"When both an animal and a person recognize that their survival depends on each other there is no longer a dominate role of either person or animal. They work and live together as one unit. Emotions are felt between them like they are one being. When one suffers or feels joy so does the other." -Joe Henderson-

We love our mals!