2021 Alaskan Arctic Expedition

In late February the 2021 Alaskan Arctic dogsled expedition will be underway! The expedition will lead us into an extremely remote region of Alaska's Arctic where the Nunamiut -"people of the land" roamed by dog teams over a century ago.

The expedition will commemorate all of Alaska's Arctic natives.  If it weren't for the Alaskan natives we wouldn't have the Alaskan malamute breed.

Similarly to all of our expeditions we hope to inspire! Nowadays, with social media taking over the lives of many, we want to encourage our young men and women to get outside, challenge themselves and explore God's great creation while they can. Every day as we age, our opportunity to go outside and be active slips away. 

And similar to other expeditions it will be unsupported, and will last approximately 6-7 weeks without resupply which is unprecedented in modern Arctic exploration by dogteam.

During the expedition I will document temperatures, snow depth and will continue my research project of +35 years in discovering Arctic compatible traits for dogs traveling in the arctic, particularly Alaskan malamutes.

Due to this region's brutally rugged and remote setting, there aren't any historic documents of dogsled travel in many parts of this region. It will be a challenging expedition but I know in my heart that the dogs are up for the challenge and amped to get started!!

I will share this expedition through a photo journal book that will be published in the fall of 2021.

By supporting this expedition with $10 or more you will receive a signed 8"x14" photo taken of the team during the expedition.  For $100 or more you will be included in the "Special Thanks" page in the book and receive a signed copy of the book.

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