January 13, 2010

Who’s Who?

It’s about time we name these little puppies, wouldn’t you say?

They have each grown so much and their individuality is really starting to shine!

Say “hello” to Sonia!  She’s a sassy one, that Sonia!  She’s the bossy big sister.



And this is Daphne!  She’s a sweet pea, that’s for sure.  She likes to be held like a baby.



And this young lady will be moving to a new home soon.  She will be living at Taaralaste kennel with Roger Burggraf and the gang.  Roger will be naming her, but we’ve been calling her “Baby”.  She’s a little dolly.






These gals have been growing like weeds and they’re causing quite a stir in the house.  Melvin can’t find a moment of peace.  They pester him and follow him around like they’re his shadow.  He likes it, but don’t tell him we told you that!  ;)

    • The Wyomingite

      That Baby is so darn cute!! I hope Roger takes very good care of her.

    • She’ll be in very good hands at Roger’s kennel. She’ll be living with her cousins!
    • http://www.goldensierrarose.blogspot.com Sierra Rose

      Om my!! Let me know if you all need more play buddies…I’ll be right over! I’ll bring my fluffy pillow, ok!?!?

      Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
      Sierra Rose

    • http://rainydaisylady.blogspot.com Rainy Daisy

      Oh my goodness, I might trek all the way to alaska and meet your dogs in person. They are utterly adorable! I gather you train them?

      OH, and I saw a post on Skijoring. I hadn’t heard of it with dogs, but there was a skijoring event at my old school in New Hampshire a while back with horses. Is that unusual?


      • Hi Daisy,

        We certainly do train our malamutes to pull freight. They’re a fantastic breed…quick learners, intelligent, people-friendly, and great house pets to boot! Please keep an eye out on our blog as the expedition season is about to begin!

        We’ve only known of skijoring dogs. I suppose it’s part of the culture up here in Alaska, but I guess it’s not uncommon to do with caribou in Norway, and apparently now horses in New Hampshire. Who knew?! That’s incredible!


    • Lyne

      in NZ we skijor with kiwi’s

    • unna

      Oh my oh my, so cute pups!! Daphne is absolutely my favourite. She is so adorable! And it seems that when Baby and Sonia are playing wildly around she just takes it easy. Even her look seems to say ‘hey, look how cute I am…would you be my friend forever’.

      Does Daphne stay with you or will she move somewhere?

      By the way, skijoring with reindeers is also known here in Finland :)

      • Hi! Both Daphne and Sonia will be staying here with us. You’re right, Daphne is a little more easy-going than her sisters.

        Have you ever skijored with reindeer? It kind of looks scary!

    • http://www.thzkennels.com Tim McElravy

      Cute pups…sent an email a few weeks back inquiring about available pups…do you guys have anymore that you are going to sell?

      • Hi Tim,

        We don’t have any pups available right now out of this litter, but we are planning another litter for spring/summer. We’ll keep you posted! Thanks for checking in.