January 9, 2010

Do You Believe in Magic

The puppies’ morning started out fairly relaxed.

But Melvin jump-started their day by showing them his amazing magic trick.  If he focuses on an object hard enough, like this biscuit, he can make it float in mid air. ;)



“Huh…how’d he do that?”

Then the pups were ready to rumble!!!  And wrestle-mania began.

These two gals entertained themselves with a piece of rope, which inevitably led to more wrestling.

“Hey, I want that end of the rope!”



“But I liked that end!"  Give it back!”



“Now you just stay over there…stay away from my rope!”

“I’ll fight you for it!”

“What did you say?  Oh, no fighting.  Yeah, riiiiight!”

Then the girls all went their separate ways and played by themselves.  This one played with a little stuffed animal…




this one chewed on a slipper…

and this one found a cozy place to take a nap.




    • http://mjauvoff.blogspot.com/ Anders Fugelli

      Love your puppies! Just can just imagine their playfight growling – grrrrr, grrrrr! Best regards, Anders and Priscila :-)

    • http://kit-dogdaze.blogspot.com/ Kit

      Hey Melvin, My Labs want you to teach them that cool trick!!!
      Is there anything cuter than puppies playing? Love “The End” photo!

    • WYO Fan Club

      Great blog!!!!