September 23, 2009

What A Difference A Day Makes





Old man winter is on his way!


  • Tytti

    Greetings from Finland! I’m a big malamute fan and love to follow your blog. It’s great to read about your life with your wonderful dogs. And now snow, wau!

    • alaskanarcticexpeditions

      Thanks! We’re glad you enjoy our blog and share our love for mals.

  • The Wyomingite

    Snow is one of our most precious blessings. Think of the things the snow and the melting of the snow represents. How did your puppies react to the snow? What a simply wonderous picture this is.

    • alaskanarcticexpeditions

      They didn’t seem to think much of it, but it’s supposed to snow more over the weekend so maybe they’ll take better notice.

  • Allan Delaney

    Just goes to show ya: Alaska is not for pansies!

    • alaskanarcticexpeditions

      Haha! That is hilarious!!