September 21, 2009

The Elders

Joe and I have been so puppy-centric lately that we wanted to share with you a few photos of our oldest malamutes. 

Angel is pushing 11 years old and has been the queen of the dog yard her entire life.  She has mothered many of our litters.   This gal has a spunky personality and a mind of her own, but she is a great puller and excellent leader even still. 



Hero is 12 years old.  He and Angel have had an ongoing love for one another over the years, and Hero has fathered many of our litters.  He has the biggest paws you ever did see and has been an amazing puller and friend. 


Mia is all of 13 years old, but she still acts like a pup…she's more than willing to roll over for a belly rub.  She's one of our largest females and has always been great in the team.  She is a sweetheart!



These three will be retiring from the ANWR expedition team this year, but they still love to pull with all their hearts, so we will run them locally where the conditions aren't so tough.  They are starting to appreciate some good couch time, so we'll spoil them the best we can! ;)


  • The Wyomingite

    Hurray for the Seniors!!! Bravo for their retirement into a slower pace! What grand dogs they seem to be.

  • mulan88

    Angel, Hero and Mia are just as wonderful as the puppies!
    Though they are retiring from the team soon, I hope to see more of them here at your blog.

    Thanks a lot!