September 25, 2009

Mementos From Norway

Joe and I wanted to share some photos of the mementos we brought home from our trip to Norway. 

At the Hakadal Dog Sledding Seminar, we found a pair of amazing seal skin mitts at the Handler Import booth.  Then, the nice gentleman at the booth gave us both very nice fleece jackets which are lined with sheep wool.  In downtown Oslo, we found a great leather shop and Joe picked up a leather cap.


The seal skin mitts are lined with sheep wool, too.  They’re going to be soooo warm!  I can’t wait until it gets –50 F so I can try them out!


Of course, I couldn’t go to Norway and not buy a handmade Norwegian sweater! 


And then Joe talked me into buying this very lovely, extremely thick icelandic hoodie!  He really had to twist my arm, let me tell you! ;)


At the Glas Magasinet (one of Oslo’s oldest stores) we found a beautiful dish, handmade in Norway.


And now it’s sitting in the window sill, full of Norwegian Krones.


Our friend, Jan Reinertson, gave us a few copies of Hundekjoring, the Norwegian version of Mushing magazine.


And best of all, we brought home fantastic memories that will never fade!


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