September 1, 2009

Malamute of the Month – Angel

Happy September!  This month, our featured malamute is our girl, Angel. 


Angel is the matriarch of the dog yard and she has mothered many of our litters.  Through her assertive attitude and physical dominance she has and earned the status of “queen bee” among the team.  Everyone knows not to mess with Angel and that what she says is as good as law.  Angel is a great lead dog but she loves to chase lemmings on the arctic expeditions, which can turn out to be  a wild ride. 

If Angel was human, she’d be a wonderful teacher who would be sweet as candy, but one who wouldn’t hesitate to smack you around a little bit the instant you disobeyed!  Angel is all business…well, except for the lemming chasing.


  • Kathy

    Angel is a very good looking malamute. I’ll bet she is leader through and through. Has she ever caught a lemming?

    • alaskanarcticexpeditions

      Actually, yes, she has caught one! ;)