September 20, 2009

Big Red

Hap-hap-happy Sunday! 

Our little Red has such great bone structure!  We decided to take a few measurements of him.

He’s 10 weeks old, 28 lbs. (13 kg), and the circumference of his front leg just above the knee is 6 inches (15 cm)!  To put it in perspective, that’s exactly the circumference of my wrist!



Look at the size of the paws on this guy!  He’s a big boy!



All of our puppies are about this size at this age.  They grow up to make such strong pullers.  Although we won’t put Red in the team until he’s 2 years of age, we know he will fit right in!


  • patsy

    wow. .he is sooooo beautiful!

  • mulan88

    Wooooow!!! Red has giant paws! He was just a lil pup a few posts back. So glad to see him again!

    Do visit us soon to meet the rest of the piappies! We missed you but really enjoyed the trip photos of your pawrents.

    – Fudgie, Princess, Scrappy, Bullet with Frappie, Mocha and Sugar

  • Jennifer

    Wow he looks like Nanook but much bigger! At 12 weeks Nanook was 26.5 lbs.