Arctic Expedition

We are accepting applications for our upcoming Arctic Expedition 2015

To join Team Malamute please email Joe Henderson at joe@alaskanarcticexpeditions
The 2015 expedition will go to the northern side of Alaska’s Brooks Range Mountains in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. You will see larger than life panoramic views of some the most unexplored and rugged regions of the Arctic. These regions are rarely seen in winter and spring. The experience captures your imagination in the sense of its overwhelming vastness of pristine, unexplored, wildernesses. This remote region is larger than many countries and yet it is unpopulated and untraveled. There’s a chance to see wolves, ptarmigan, and other small game animals, as well as the northern lights. There’s no better place to see the northern lights. The displays in the Arctic dwarf what you see anywhere else in Alaska. However, during late April there is no longer darkness so the Northern Lights will not be on display.
We run the expeditions like the old pioneers did…the dogs haul the gear and supplies, the people ski and/or snowshoe ahead, so you definitely want to come prepared to be active all day. I can to a certain extent, adjust the expeditions to your physical abilities. We provide most of the cold weather gear and clothing (parkas, coveralls, mukluks, boots, etc) as well as snowshoes, heated tents, sleeping bags and pads, and first aid gear. There is very little of your own gear you need to bring along.
I’ll kick off the expedition with an orientation to get you familiarized with camp life (how to set up the tents and stoves, gather firewood, cook meals, etc) and then you will be basically responsible for doing those things for yourself for the duration of the expedition. By the way, everyone gets their own tent!
You will definitely love the dogs. They are amazingly strong and friendly.