February 23, 2012

Engineering a Snow Bridge

Joe and the team are having a great expedition season.  Aside from the occasional blinding ice fog, the weather has been really nice, which is so unusual for February.  I keep checking the NOAA website for the northeastern Brooks Range, a link to which is in the sidebar, and it’s consistently reporting much warmer temperatures than Joe’s actually experiencing.  For instance, a couple of days ago Joe reported –40F for the high, while NOAA predicted a high of –15F.  That’s a substantial difference.  So, if you’re checking in on expedition weather, please know it’s not entirely representative of what’s really going on out there.

Yesterday when Joe checked in, he told me they had come to an extensive, wind-scoured crevasse and there was no way around it…that they had to get across.  It was 12 feet deep and just as wide across, so Joe had to take the time to shovel snow and cut a bunch of brush to build a “bridge.”  It’s not an uncommon occurrence on his expeditions.    It’s hard work out there!

photo by Angus Mill

The dogs are doing great!  Everyone’s healthy and enjoying their work.  Of course, they enjoy their rest, too.

2011 936

2008_Expedition 543

2008_Expedition 435

2008_Expedition 554

2008_Expedition 635

2008_Expedition 686


  • Joan Locke

    Thanks for the update on Joe’s expedition. I also enjoyed the pictures.

  • Rebecca

    Love your blog. Really like reading about the individual dogs. Joe is a bit of a “throw back” to the times when men were men. So glad that you both have God’s grace and assurance.

  • http://kit-dogdaze.blogspot.com/ Kit

    Nothing stops Joe and the team! Incredible!
    The dogs look great!
    I ordered Joe’s book on Amazon this morning, can’t wait to receive.
    I’ve been keeping with old friends in Eagle, and their winter tours. Do you know Wayne and Scarlett Hall? I’ve know their son since we was 6, very cool young man! http://smokinacekennels.com/
    I’m sure you and Elaina are looking forward to their return!
    Happy trails,

  • Martha Kriske

    I REALLY enjoy your posts!