April 15, 2010

Treasure Hunt

Spring is here and the snow is melting fast.  Pete and Lupine were exploring around the yard and found an old bone that had been buried in the snow all winter.  They brought their new treasure in to the house to enjoy it on the couch. 


They wrestled for it, but just for a moment…


…because then they realized they could share.  :)



That bone held their attention for a really long time, which was nice.  It kept them from pestering poor Melvin for a while, although he was awfully jealous that he didn’t have one, too. 

    • The Wyomingite

      It’s a good trade-off not to be pestered. I’ll bet Melvin got over it pretty fast. Those are beautiful pups.

    • http://dogblogemma.blogspot.com Emma Rose and the Duchess

      They are so cute. How can you not just cuddle them all day long?