July 18, 2010

So Happy Together

These three sisters from Petra and Bear’s litter found a new mommy today.  A very nice woman will be welcoming them into her home in a few weeks when they are old enough to be away from mama. 

IMG_7978 IMG_0462 IMG_0471

Yawning and scratching…already quite a multi-tasker!  ;)


And this gal has quite a howl!

They did a lot of socializing this morning, so they’re pretty much wiped out and ready for a nap! 

IMG_0476 IMG_0486 IMG_0484 IMG_0485

They will be so happy growing up together at the nice woman’s house!

  • The Wyomingite

    BEAUTIFUL PUPPIES!!!! Their new mom is very lucky to get to take 3 of them. “Wow”

  • http://dogblogemma.blogspot.com Emma Rose and the Duchess

    I can almost smell the puppy breath! I think their new Mom should have a reality TV show so we could all watch them grow up. She is very brave to take on 3 puppies at once! Of course, you have more than 3 there, so we think you are brave too :)

    Have a fun weekend.