May 8, 2010

Running The Gauntlet

The strangest thing happened today.  As I was making lunch, Joe came in and said there was a goat in the dog yard.  I grabbed the camera and we headed out to see what was going on.  Sure enough, there was a little white goat on the outskirts of the dog yard near Tikka’s spot.  Tikka wasn’t bothered by it in the least.  Heck, that goat could’ve been there hanging out with Tikka for quite a while, for all we know. 


Anyhow, as we inched our way closer, the goat got spooked and started running right through the middle of the dog yard.  It was C-R-A-Z-Y!  Every single dog went wild and they leaped after the goat as she ran past.  Gracie stood there very patiently with her mouth wide open, just waiting for the goat to get close enough to snatch.  We were afraid for the goat and didn’t think she’d make it out of there unscathed.

The photos aren’t very good.  Everything happened so fast…


But she made it out.  The goat ran the gauntlet and came out the other side without a scratch and a new lease on life.  She made it to the road and just kept running and running and running until she was out of sight.


But a few minutes later, we heard our neighbor’s dogs go crazy, so we imagine the old girl found her way into another predicament.  Hopefully she made it back home safely.


  • Emma Rose and the Duchess

    Poor thing was probably scared to death! Glad she got out :)

    • Yeah, we were definitely biting our nails watching her run through there, but she had some pretty slick moves and blasted through the yard awfully quick! We’re so glad she wasn’t hurt.
  • e410

    Oh my gosh, that is such a ridiculous story! I hope that poor goat makes in back to her home okay!

  • sartenada

    How interesting story! I enjoyd photos too.