March 13, 2010

Playing With Food

The puppies are growing so fast and their personalities are getting stronger every day!

When I give them each a treat, they disperse through the room, guarding their prize.  Except for Baby.  When I hand her a treat she just drops it on the floor and chases Junior around the room and tries to steal his.  I guess she likes a challenge.  But Junior will have none of that.  He spins around in circles as she runs around him, keeping her just far enough away from stealing the treat right out of his mouth. 

Eventually, that little game wears them down and they lie on the floor.  That’s when Baby employs another tactic.  She starts out looking innocent enough…


Then she rolls her head back with graceful nonchalance…


And she ends up in a strategic position to strike.


Then she makes her move!  She’s got it down to a science. 


Daphne and Sonia don’t like to play with their food like that.  They’re all business when it comes to treats!   ;)



Have a great Saturday!

    • Emma Rose and The Duchess

      They are adorable. I bet they keep you pretty busy :)