March 28, 2010

Pete and Lupine

Today’s been a fun one, watching the new pups who were born on the expedition run and jump and wrestle with each other.  They couldn’t possibly be any cuter.

We settled on names.  We will call the girl, Lupine (like the flower).  The boy is Pete, in honor of his uncle Pete who passed away last year.  Pete and Mitch were brothers and inseparable friends.  Pete was an excellent dog and little Pete has some big shoes to fill, but we know he’s up for the task!  :)

So here they are…Lupine and Pete.

Lupine little Pete

And here are their parents, Tikka and Mitch.

Tikka Mitch

What a lovely family! ;)

The puppies enjoyed a lazy morning.  But I whipped them up a nice breakfast of rice, mushy kibble, and liver.  Meat is to a malamute what spinach is to Popeye.  These guys ate their breakfast and darted around the house like firecrackers. 


They tried to get up on the couch, but they’re not quite that strong, so I put them up there and started taking some photos.  I attempted to get them to look at the camera by making kissy noises, but instead of redirecting their gaze, they both took a flying leap off the couch right onto the tile floor.  Those little daredevils!



After that, I introduced Pete and Lupine to Junior. 



IMG_6768 I can’t believe Junior is three months old!  And I can’t believe how much he’s grown.  He weighs 35 lbs. now.  Anyway, he got along very well with the new puppies.  I wonder if Lupine and Pete will be as big as Junior when they’re three months old. 


  • Emma Rose and The Duchess

    Junior is a GIANT! I can’t believe it. They all look so cute together. Puppies are sooooo fun :)

  • Tim McElravy

    very cute :)