April 12, 2010

Final Client Expedition For 2010

A new group of clients began their expedition with Joe and the team yesterday. 

They are traveling a different route in order to avoid all the open water and overflow on the major rivers.  The snow conditions are nice for skiing, so the clients are gliding around on the hardpack.  But, the dogs are hauling quite a load and are still breaking through the snow up to their chins, so Joe is breaking trail in snowshoes in front of the team.


The weather is quite warm.  It was probably about 35 Fahrenheit today, well above freezing.  What remains of the hardpack is deteriorating rapidly.  Joe suspects it will cool off again, allowing for easier travel.


  • http://gyllendogs.wordpress.com/ Noturus

    Beautiful scenery! But I had to chuckle at the thought of 35 F being “quite warm”. Down here in the lower part of the lower 48 we consider that to be downright cold.

  • The Wyomingite

    Super conditions not too warm but enough to get hot skiing. Yet the dogs are getting their workouts daily. Sounds like a beautiful time of year on the North Slope.