March 29, 2010

2010 Arctic Expedition Snow Conditions

In previous updates on the expedition, I mentioned how the snow was waist deep.  Since Joe was able to send back a memory card from his camera, I now have the pictures to prove it!

Joe in waist-deep snow

Without wearing his Iverson snowshoes, you can see that the snow conditions would be an absolute struggle to move in.  That’s some seriously deep snow!

The team has been doing a great job pulling thousands of pounds of gear and supplies through these tough conditions.  Even with their massive freight load, they can still break trail in these less than ideal conditions.  Not only is the snow deep, but it’s also got the texture of sand when it’s –20F to –50F (most of the time).  It’s not an easy pull, but these guys manage to muscle right through.

team in deep snow The leaders (from L to R), Farmer, Bear, and Bucko, are up to their chins in grainy, dry snow.  Third row back on the right you can see Mitch in up to his nose.

I’m so proud of our malamutes.  What  a tough bunch!  They have such amazing strength and work ethic.  They’re just out there doing what they love!


  • The Wyomingite

    Awesome pictures! Awesome dogs!!!!

  • Emma Rose and the Duchess

    I cannot even imagine that much snow. Those are some amazing dogs – and husband!

  • Marit Kangas

    Love these photos!!