October 18, 2009

The Dog Days of Autumn

Yesterday the Two Rivers Dog Mushers Association and Raven Veterinary hosted a rabies vaccination clinic.  We took a few truck loads of our malamutes up the road for their shots, and as you can see by the look on Farmer’s face, it wasn’t exactly what they would call fun. 



It’s always interesting driving our mals around in this little mushing community.  We get some awfully strange looks from locals while driving down the road with a bunch of howling malamutes in the back of our truck…but hey, traveling with these guys is a challenge. They can’t fit in a dog box, so we just tether them into the back of the truck.  It’s hard enough to lift these guys into the truck bed…I can’t imagine lifting a wiggly, 110 lb. brute into a box above my head. :) 

Anyway, thanks to the TRDMA and Raven Veterinary for putting the clinic together.

– – –

If I didn’t know better, I’d say Oskar was a bull getting ready to charge the matadors, Red and Grace.  Oskar is now weighing in at 50 lbs at 4 1/2 months of age. 



Oskar’s sporting a flashy new red collar.



Grace, Red, and Oskar spent the afternoon enjoying what’s left of autumn. 






Oskar is starting to get curious about the big guys in the dog yard, and today he wandered over and introduced himself to a few of them.

He told Nikko a secret.


He showed Hooch how he can touch his nose with his tongue.


And he exchanged a smooch with Mitch.




It’s a bit disheartening that we still don’t have any snow.  We don’t train our team at all until there’s snow on the ground.  All we need is an inch…any day now!

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