Meet the Team


Red, eight years old, is a very driven individual. If he was human he would be the football player who lowers his head and plows ahead regardless of whom or what is in his way. Yet, at the end of the day, Red loves nothing more than a tummy rub.


Tahkin is two years old. His name means Snowy River in Alaskan Tlingit language. He's named after one of my first malamutes. He's very intelligent and mild mannered. He loves to pull especially when the going gets tough! Someday I hope he will be a lead dog.


Kanuti, two years old rookie, is named after a dog I had many years ago. It means "Old Man River" in Athabaskan Indian language. But he's not old and neither acts old. He's very energetic and pulls with incredible strength and passion. Similar to the others in the team; he loves pets and affection.


Kelsaw is another two year old rookie. He has wonderfully integrated into the team like a veteran. He's an interesting fella; while harnessed he has an uncontrollable amount of enthusiasm. He's like a firecracker. Yet while we are camped and the harnesses are put away he's the calmest individual I've ever seen.


Johanna is a three old rookie and was a shy individual until this expedition. Now, he's a very outgoing, intelligent and affectionate guy. And he's very well behaved. If Johanna were human I think he'd be the straight A++ student in the classroom.


Champ is eight years old and originates from an "old-time" Alaskan husky/ malamute bloodline which I've maintained for 30 years. He has the same build and look as the old Alaskan huskies from long ago. Nowadays though, Alaskan huskies do not resemble Champ whatsoever. Champ is very smart and loves to play…maybe a little too much at times. But he makes up for it. He's a stout worker and takes his job seriously.


Petra means "rock" in Greek. And eight year old Petra certainly has lived up to her namesake in regards to being a rock solid puller. Her drive is unmatched. And similarly to the others she enjoys her tummy rubs and told that she's a good girl.


Six year old Junior is a block of pure muscle! His strength is incredible! He's the perfect build that I like to see in a freighter. And he's very passionate about pulling and extremely affectionate. He just loves all people.


Four year old Smokey, like his half-brother Junior, he's built with solid muscle. His large paws and broad chest is ideal for breaking trail. He's quite affectionate and loves to play. If he was human, he'd be the school's top athlete who everyone adores and tries to mimic.


Tip is nine years old and was named for his fiery red tinge on the tips of his ears. He's a very loyal dog. And similarly to most malamutes, he loves to pull heavy loads and break trail. I've always found it interesting how purebreed Alaskan malamutes prefer hard work. Such as breaking trail and hauling frieight rather than running on groomed trails and pulling a light sled.


Penny is five years old and is a sweetheart of a dog. She pulls with a fiery heart of desire. While in harness Penny is all business and no play. If she were human she'd be the top executive. But when the day is finished she loves to romp and play with her teammates.

Tee Kay

Four year old Tee Kay is an amazingly strong puller. Someday, I suspect she will be a great leader. But in the meantime she needs to mature from her adolescence. Someimes she loves to play while running. Typically, Alaskan malamutes require 4-5 years to mature both mentally and physically.


Two year old rookie Alex is a spitfire of energy! Alex is quite an enjoyable guy to be around. He's always happy, as most malamutes are, but his personality is harmoniously balanced between high energy and a serious worker. He knows that there is a time to play and a time to work.


Lady is a whirlwind of characters and personality. Very unpredictable but she knows what she wants; and that is to pull. She prefers to be left alone and likes plenty of "elbow room" to perform her task. Yet, she's a real gentle gal underneath her rambunctious demeanor.


Angel is a young two year old rookie with a happy go lucky demeanor and energetic gal. She is timid but very loving and affectionate. She's also a crafty escape artist who knows how to slip out of her harness after we have stopped for the day to camp.


Six year old Ben is an exceptionally large brute, around 140 lb, but he has a heart of gold. Ben is one of the most intelligent dogs I've ever had the privilege to have. Ben gets along with everyone. He reminds me of a big brother figure that just stands by to lend a hand to those who need it.


Six year old Pete is very athletically talented. Usually it requires two years for a dog to master the art of trail-breaking. Pete mastered it in one year! He's also very intelligent and learns commands quickly. I sometimes think if he were human, he'd be the genius who knows the quadetc of the galaxies.