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Malamute Man: Memoirs of an Arctic Traveler


Publication Date:Jan 12 2012
ISBN/EAN13:0615587666 / 9780615587660
Page Count:158
Trim Size:5.5" x 8.5"
Color:Black and White

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In Malamute Man: Memoirs of an Arctic Traveler, Joe Henderson, who came to Alaska in search of adventure, finds himself on a remarkable journey exploring the Arctic with his Alaskan malamute sled dog team. He ventures into one of the most brutal environments on earth where extreme subzero temperatures are a constant reminder of mortality, and the will to survive is unselfishly shared by both man and dog. Together, they must fend off charging grizzly bears, endure powerful blizzards, and suffer the horror of plunging through thin ice. Joe's gripping tales of perseverance and his fearless, free-spirited dogs are both humorous and astonishing.


Joe Henderson is an expert dog musher who has explored the most remote regions of Alaska for 30 years with his Alaskan malamute team. He has pioneered and perfected a method of travel that is unprecedented in modern times, being the only person in written history to ever have traveled solo with a dog team in the Arctic for up to five months at a time without resupply.

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