The Outpost

Malamute Man: The Brute Force of Unified Souls
Photo Journal of a 68 Day Solo Arctic Dogsled Expedition


Revised Edition
Size 9.5" x 7.5"
All books are signed, include a signed print and will be sent directly from North Pole Alaska.


The Arctic is one of the most mysterious and wondrous regions on earth. It has intrigued the imagination of mankind from the very dawn of time.  Though the Arctic is full of wonders and mysteries, it also has one of the most deadliest and hostile environments on earth with temperatures that drop -96F wind-chill.  With and very few trees to shelter oneself from knife piercing blizzards Joe Henderson and his companions of malamutes dare to journey across this forbidden and hostile region. Joe shares his adventures and struggles of his everyday travels through the Arctic. All he has is his team to guide him, and trust that is built between man and dog as both become as though one for the sake of the everyday survival.


Joe Henderson has dedicated his life to the exploration of the Arctic.  With over 30 years of experience in the handling of Alaskan malamutes, Joe has ventured into the brutal Arctic in dead of winter with nothing but his loyal team of 22 malamutes to guide him.  He has put his trust into his Malamute companions to safely guide him through the unforgiving land of the Arctic year after year.  And Joe is the only person in recorded history to travel the Arctic with a dog team for up to four months without resupply.

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